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Traveler’s Rights: Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value


By Alexander Anolik and John K. Hawks, Sphinx Publishing, Naperville, Illinois, First Edition, 2003.

Today, traveling consumers are more concerned about their rights than ever before and have expressed to my office a great deal of anxiety about terrorists’ attacks and both the government's and industry’s attempts to increase safety at the expense of consumer rights. Consumer anxiety about traveling and arriving both safe and on time is remains a major concern as total sales in the tourism industry have yet to reach its pre-9-11 level.

Anolik Law Corporation is an organization dedicated to informing the public and protecting consumer’s rights and promoting traveler’s awareness as is illustrated by over thirty years of working to serve the needs of traveling consumers and the industry and by maintaining its active websites: www.mytravelrights.comwww.travellaw.com. Anolik Law Corporation has even trademarked its company policy, Preventive Legal Care®, as its motto to minimize legal entanglements through an active awareness and advocacy of travel rights. To purchase this book, click here.

There are hundreds of useful travel tips in Traveler’s Rights – Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value. Here are a few samples:

Tip #1:
If you want to be bumped voluntarily if your flight is full, make it a habit to mention that fact to the airline agent when you check in at the airport.
Remember, you can always negotiate if you feel the incentive offered for giving up your seat is not attractive enough.

Tip #2:
You can declare a higher value for your luggage when you check in at the airport. Many airlines will assess you a fee for doing so. In these cases,
the airline then become liable for the higher declared amount.

Tip #3:
The TSA and other federal agencies are not liable for any damage caused to your luggage if it must be opened for screening or security reasons. If you
are carrying gifts on your trip, do not wrap them before you arrive at the airport, as screeners may have to inspect the gifts when you check in.

Tip #4:
If you are carrying photo film in your bags, you may request a hand inspection rather than the x-ray machine.

Tip #5:
If you believe you have fallen victim to "bait and switch" pricing by a car rental company, your best recourse is filing a complaint with the Attorney General of
the state where you picked up the vehicle or your local District Attorney's Office.

Tip #6:
The major national car rental companies offer free roadside assistance services for their vehicles. If you have a flat tire or other mechanical
troubles, call your company’s toll-free emergency number to request help.