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For Travelers

Mr. Anolik is available to advise travelers as an expert witness / consultant regarding their rights, remedies and potential claims. 

Mr. Anolik has testified or consulted in hundreds of cases on a variety of issues including, but not limited to, evaluation procedures, liability and "custom and practice" within the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. He has provided testimony in various state, federal, legislative, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. 

Mr. Anolik is a travel industry professional with over 35 years of experience working with clients on all aspects of travel services, including tour operators, travel agencies, and providers of travel. 

  • Qualified Custom and Practice Expert for Legal Proceedings
  • Travel Law Attorney and Consultant to Cruise Lines, Airlines, Motor Coaches, Rental Car, Hotels, Travel Industry Associations, Government Tourism Entities, Trade Associations, Adventure Operators, Tour Operators, and Travel Agents
  • Hotel and hospitality industry custom and practice
  • Evaluator of travel industry operations, unfair competitive trade practices and tourism employment issues
  • Appraiser of travel industry entities for purchase and sale: Agencies, Tour Operators, Services
  • Transportation and trucking industry related issues
  • Consultant on Travel Industry Security, Body Restraints, Terrorism Awareness, Crisis Management
  • Consultant for Travel Industry Requirements and Compliance including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Discrimination, Harassment
  • Independent contractor requirements
  • Author of: The Law and the Travel Industry; The Frequent Traveler’s Guide; Traveler’s Rights – Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value; Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Law; The Official Outside Sales Travel Agent Manual; Travel 9-11, and numerous travel procedure manuals, articles, syllabi, audio tapes, and video series.
  • University Professor and Travel Law Practitioner for over 35 years'

He is/was previously listed with The Legal Expert Pages, Business Travel News Blackbook and BTN Research Council, Legal Language Services, Response Buyer's Guide, Round Table Group, Travel Agent Directory, Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA), Forensic Association, TravelTribe.com, Experts.com, Legal Expert Pages/Soutwestern Directory, California Lawyer, ExpertPages.com, JurisPro, The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) and numerous other organizations as a customs and standards expert on the travel industry.

To inquire about Mr. Anolik’s ability to testify as an expert in your case, please contact our office with the names of both parties and attorneys, so that we can conduct a search to determine whether a potential conflict exists. If there is no conflict, Mr. Anolik can help define which issues may exist, and determine in which areas he might be available to testify. Depending on the issues involved, Mr. Anolik may be available to testify through affidavit, telephone, tele-conferencing, deposition or Court appearance.  If Mr. Anolik cannot ethically testify on your behalf, he will notify you as soon as possible.

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