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Counseling for Travel Sellers & Providers

We believe in keeping our clients away from problems before they occur as opposed to playing cleanup.  Taking a proactive approach can prevent costly disputes down the road, and in the case of Seller of Travel and DOT compliance issues, can protect you from civil and criminal infractions.  Many travel industry professionals can operate for years without being aware of the various state and federal regulations placed on the industry, including registration in the seller of travel states, before a state, or the federal government, catch up with them.  The repercussions can be devastating.  We help travel providers and sellers to understand what steps and disclosures they need to make to become compliant with the vast array of applicable laws.   

We can also advise you on what legal agreements you require or review the ones you are using.  When we help you prepare a contract, terms and conditions, or distributor agreement, we draw from decades of experience to help you plan for the unexpected. Too many disagreements end up in litigation because the parties did not think ahead.  We believe strongly in hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.  As we have seen the worst happen to many before they come to us, we know how to best prevent it happening to you.