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The Frequent Traveler’s Guide


By Alexander Anolik, Esq. and John Hawks

Also available in bookstores, travel agencies, airports, and online at Amazon.com.

What do you mean you can’t find my luggage?

You know how frustrating it is when something goes wrong on a trip. You also know how unsettling it can be when you do not get the satisfaction you deserve. The Frequent Traveler’s Guide can take these worries away.

Written by travel industry experts, this guide gives you the confidence to not only know your rights, but to exercise them and get the results you want. Whether you are taking that once in a lifetime vacation or flying home from your third business trip this week, here is information you can use.

Airlines-Receive free tickets and upgrades when bumped from a flight.
Car Rentals-Don’t pay for a larger size when they rent out the class of car you reserved.
Hotels-Make the hotel provide you with better accommodations when they give your room away.
Cruises-Avoid getting sick on the boat and spending your trip inside your cabin.
International Travel-Protect yourself from being caught in scams aimed at tourists.

No matter what your reasons for taking a trip, let The Frequent Traveler’s Guide get you there with more peace of mind.