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Travel Rights

Fifth travel law symposium slated for Jan. 15
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WASHINGTON -- Travel Weekly and ARTA announced plans for their fifth annual National Travel Law Symposium. Taking the theme, Travel, Technology and the Law, the event is set for the Washington Marriott hotel on Jan. 15.

Cancelled Flights Don't Always Mean Refunds

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BAY AREA (KRON) -- With airlines cutting back on flights, Contact 4 has been hearing more complaints from consumers who say they're not getting refunds although they've paid in full

It wasn't a mechanics strike, but a terrorist strike that caused Dina Lisha's problems.

The Bottom Line On Airline Bumping
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Jeanette Pavini


By Nadine Godwin

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1. "You'll get lost in cyberspace."

Travel Law

By Chris Woodyard
and Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY

The airline industry is having a problem with wide bodies.

Not big planes — rather, big passengers.

As many Americans have grown wider around the middle, they are having an increasingly hard time fitting into economy-class seats. Now, airlines are taking action.

On the Road with Bill McGee

Most of us intend to prevent trouble before it even starts by making good travel planning decisions and straightening out problems as they arise. But every traveler knows that sooner or later they'll take "The Trip from Hell."



ARTA's Chairman Nancy Linares told her membership last week that the association would ask commission settlement company NPC to hold off implementing new fees for its Commission Express program or face retaliation.

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