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Cancelled Flights Don't Always Mean Refunds

Cancelled Flights Don't Always Mean Refunds

Originally published on Kron4’s website

BAY AREA (KRON) -- With airlines cutting back on flights, Contact 4 has been hearing more complaints from consumers who say they're not getting refunds although they've paid in full

It wasn't a mechanics strike, but a terrorist strike that caused Dina Lisha's problems.

"Nobody wanted to fly and they couldn't very well have a plane with 10 passengers," Dina says.

Dina had a ticket for a USAir flight to New Hampshire in October, but the airline cancelled the flight with little notice.

"I then booked a flight for the following day," Dina says.

It, also, was cancelled.

Dina ended up spending more for a different ticket, and wrote her travel agent for a refund.

"I stated that since my flight was canceled. I was due a full refund," Dina says.

A refund would be $350, but then came the finger pointing. The travel agent blamed the airline; the airline blamed the agent. No one took responsibility and Dina grew frustrated.

"I work for a non-profit. I work hard for the money. I don't appreciate it," Dina says.

According to Rule 240 - the consumers' airline bible - airlines are responsible for flights they choose to cancel.

"They were cutting back for economic reasons but that doesn't give them any right to trump your tickets and say its cancelled. They have to provide a way to get money back or a flight you want," Dina says.

Al Anolik is a consumer travel attorney who says four months is far too long for Dina to wait.

Contact 4 is still working on getting Dina a refund.


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