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How To Sue An Airline

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 March, 2000

Groups may merge airline antitrust suits
By Laura Del Rosso
Originally Posted On: TravelWeekly.com

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two grassroots agent groups hoping to launch antitrust lawsuits against the airlines are talking about a possible merger.

Fifth travel law symposium slated for Jan. 15
Originally Posted on:  www.travelweekly.com

WASHINGTON -- Travel Weekly and ARTA announced plans for their fifth annual National Travel Law Symposium. Taking the theme, Travel, Technology and the Law, the event is set for the Washington Marriott hotel on Jan. 15.

Debit memos coming hot, heavy and 'stupid'
By Nadine Godwin
Originally Published at: www.travelweekly.com 

NEW YORK -- Travel lawyers, from their unique vantage point in the industry, report an increase this year in the number of airline debit memos, the dollars demanded in the debit memos and illogical justifications for debit memos.

Cancelled Flights Don't Always Mean Refunds

Originally published on Kron4’s website

BAY AREA (KRON) -- With airlines cutting back on flights, Contact 4 has been hearing more complaints from consumers who say they're not getting refunds although they've paid in full

It wasn't a mechanics strike, but a terrorist strike that caused Dina Lisha's problems.

The Bottom Line On Airline Bumping
Originally Published at: http://cbs5.com/topstories/local_story_180203058.html 
Reported by:
Jeanette Pavini


ASTA set to sue defunct line's estate
By Rebecca Tobin
 Originally Published at: Travelweekly.com

Anolik: Ease agent penalty for stolen tickets
Complete presentations:
Barry Roberts, Roberts & Hundertmark
Doug Crozier, Heifetz, Crozier, Law
Mark Pestronk, Law Offices of Mark Pestronk
Terry F. Lazar,Global Reservation System
Kathleen O. Argiropoulos, Airlines Reporting Corp.
Bruce Bishins, U.S. Travel Agent Registry

’We never had any problems. There were no bells or whistles from American.’
Karen Meyer
co-owner Tour World Travel
Wichita Falls, Texas

By Laura Del Rosso

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