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NBC interviews Anolik regarding fliers' rights

NBC interviews Anolik regarding fliers' rights

NEW YORK -- Travel attorney Alexander Anolik was interviewed at length here recently for an upcoming segment of NBC's "Dateline," which is preparing a report on consumer rights in dealing with the airlines, specifically focusing on baggage claims.

San Francisco-based Anolik is ARTA's legal counsel and offers the legal advice for the nonprofit organization set up by ARTA for consumers, MyTravelRights.com.

"I'll never be able to fly with checked luggage after this one," joked Anolik, who offered advice as to how consumers can take the airlines to small-claims court.

"I'm a big advocate of small-claims courts. If you don't believe you're getting enough compensation from the airlines, you have a right to go to court."

Dateline has tentatively scheduled the program to air in mid-January, he said. MyTravelRights.com is planning to have a complete list of airlines' lost and damaged luggage policies on the site by the time the program airs, he said.

USA Today recently named MyTravelRights.com a "hot site"; the site received 26,000 hits on the weekend the article ran. NBC's Web site, NBC.com, will feature a link to MyTravelRights.com when the program runs, Anolik said.