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Legal Services


What types of services can the Anolik Law Group assist a travel agency owner with?
In addition to general legal or other travel law issues, the Anolik Law Group can assist your new agency in registering as a Seller of Travel in the necessary states, website complaince and preparation including drafting Terms and Conditions of Sale, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies, DOT complaince and DOT Investigation responses, submitting applications for ARC, IATA, and IATAN appointments, negotiating Computer Reservation System ("CRS") contracts, service mark, trademark, and website registration and protection, providing legal representation before the Travel Agent Arbiter, as well as be available for consultation on tourism and travel law employment law issues, incorporation issues, and Federal and State Independent Contractor tax challenges to independent contractor status of outside and/or commissioned salespersons and tour operators/tour guides.
Is the Anolik Law Group available for litigation?
Yes.  attorneys for the Law Group have won almost $1 billion for consumers, travel industry companies, and organizations.  On his defense cases, he has successfully defended the largest tour operator government alleged price fixing case in the United States, as well as, hundreds of other cases for travel agents, hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and carriers.

How is the legal work of the Anolik Law Group charged?
Most work is billed on an hourly basis (plus "costs")  For a sample of the typical attorney-client agreement and billing rates, please ask and we will send this to you by email.

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