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Seller law may outlast sunset clause
By Laura Del Rosso
article from http://www.travelweekly.com/articles.aspx?articleid=34829

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The California Seller of Travel law would become permanent under proposed legislation that recently passed the state’s Senate Business and Professions Committee.

Pleasant, agency resolve discounting flap
By Nadine Godwin
Originally Posted on www.travelweekly.com

Northwest, Ex-Sales Rep Battle Over Waiver Codes

TravelAge West

Originally published at: http://www.travelagewest.com/newsarticle.asp?articleid=343  


NWA sues agents, ex-rep for waiver code fraud
By Laura Del Rosso


Lufthansa settles in Hall commission suit
Originally Published on www.travelweekly.com

Hall attorneys seek 'members of the class'
By Michael Milligan
Originally Posted on www.travelweekly.com

Groups may merge airline antitrust suits
By Laura Del Rosso
Originally Posted On: TravelWeekly.com

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two grassroots agent groups hoping to launch antitrust lawsuits against the airlines are talking about a possible merger.

Firm charges major operators with price-fixing
By David Cogswell
Originally Posted on: www.travelweekly.com

Job 1: Goof-proof your trip
Travel agents make mistakes too, so it pays to double-check their work.
Suntrips Trip Refund That Never Came
CBS 13/UPN 31
Originally posted: http://cbs13.com/consumer/local_story_096005707.html
April 5, 2006


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